Friday, January 23, 2009

Veggin' out on the slopes

When fluffy powder falls softly in the morning, Bethel, Maine bustles with activity. Everyone wants to hit the slopes. A quintessential New England village, Bethel nestles up against the eight peaks of the Sunday River ski resort. So skiers are everywhere at this time of year.

During a recent visit, Adam and I stayed at our favorite Sudbury Inn, which houses both a popular watering hole and a restaurant. Guests get breakfast included with their stay, and the restaurant is open to the public in the morning as well. I was psyched that the kitchen stocked some soy milk for me and I ordered a bowl of cereal each morning.

Whenever we're in Bethel, we practically live at DiCocoa's, pictured above. Located near the Sudbury Inn on Main Street, this all-vegetarian market and bakery is always hopping. We usually stop in for the fantastic sandwiches and amazing coffee (they brew Matt's Organic Wood Roasted). You can pick up a few grocery items here too.

Once on the mountain, Adam and I made multiple stops at the ski-in, ski-out Pejamajo Cafe. Located right next to Barker Lodge, it serves up sweet and savory crepes and the most amazing vegan chili. Eating the steaming bowl while sitting in the warm sun was a wonderful treat.

Off the mountain, the best place to stock up on beer, wine and groceries is the Good Food Store. You also can get delicious sandwiches, soups and salads here, plus catering should you be planning an apres ski gathering. We were lucky enough to score an invitation to a home-cooked vegan dinner at our friends' off-the-grid mountain house. The perfectly cooked vegetable & tofu curry included fresh stinging nettle from the Good Food Store and flavorful basmati rice. It was an absolutely divine way to cap off a delightful trip.


Bianca said...

Oh wow! I've never seen that much snow in my life. I gotta visit up north this time of year...of course, the very thought makes me cold.

Meg Wolff said...

Wow, Im glad I stopped by. You're writing about my old "haunts". I lived on Clark St. on which Sudbury Inn is on the corner of, and I also frequented Cathy DiCocco's Cafe. If you tell her you know me (when she's around) she'll say she also knows my kids. We love Cathy.

We never had too much luck right on the Mtn. as far as vegan food, so I'm glad to hear there's now vegan chili!

The Good Food Store always kept me stocked in kale and other fresh veggies. That place is amazing in what they can pack in 1000 square feet, or whatever size there building is (small).

This photo of DiCocco's is great.I hope you sent Cathy an email with a permalink. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

Tami said...

Great vacation pictures! They make me want to go beautiful!

Meg Wolff said...

p.s. If you are back up in Bethel soon, treat yourself to the Tofu Bi Beem Pap at the Chosun Korean Restaurant. It is rice with tofu, and different types of vegetables served in a very hot big bowlwith hot sauce (or not).

The hot bowl actually cooks the bottom of the rice krispy. They also serve great kimchee with it, if you are a kimchee fan.

It's a bit higher priced than some of the other places, but well worth it. Everything is fresh. I'm craving it now! Say hi to "Pak", the owner, for me if you go!

Anonymous said...

I've not been skiing in ages - your photos & description really make me want to hit the slopes!

Avery Yale Kamila said...

Thanks Meg for the great suggestion! We'll have to check that place out the next time we're in Bethel.