Sunday, July 27, 2008

Retirement sunshine

I'm raising a cyber toast to my dad, who officially retired on Friday after more than 30 years leading engineering and building firms in Maine.

Check out the bottle he's holding, it contains "Retire-mints." (Isn't that a clever gift? Wish I could take credit for it!) He's looking forward to having more time to devote to his hobbies, his favorite charities and his golf swing. A big congratulations Dad!

Adam and I traveled up to Sunshine Farm for the weekend to help celebrate. On Saturday, a few relatives who live nearby came over for a cookout. The meal included my dad's favorite foods: Red hot dogs, B&M Baked Beans and corn on the cob. For dessert we ate the always crowd pleasing vegan chocolate cake from Whole Foods. The fudgey frosting and apricot jam layer never fail to score high marks.

Since it was so warm and muggy, I knew it was time to break out the rum. That morning I'd picked a cup of wild blueberries from the bush that is much older than I am and growing near the Honeymoon Cottage. I let these intense beauties inspire the cocktail.

Luckily I'd brought along a few organic lemons, which always lighten up any summer drink. The result is a perky balance between sweet and sour - perfect for a long afternoon of relaxing in the sunshine. Even for those of us who aren't retired.

Blueberry Sunshine

1 organic lemon
3 oz. rum
2 oz. Maine maple syrup
4 tsp. wild Maine blueberries
4 springs lemon balm

Cut two wedges from the lemon and then juice it. Split the lemon juice between two old fashioned glasses. Then add a spring of lemon balm and 1 tsp. of blueberries to each glass. Muddle for 2-3 seconds. Add the rum and maple syrup to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and then split the mixture between the two glasses. Add the ice from the cocktail shaker to the glasses (you'll need to add a few more fresh cubes to fill each glass). Garnish with a lemon wedge, 1 tsp. of blueberries and a spring of lemon balm. Makes 2.


J said...

Congrats to your Dad! He must be pretty excited. I hope he enjoys retirement.

That cocktail sounds like a great treat!

Anonymous said...

That cocktail would have been so refreshing during the hot weekend we just had. How pretty is that chocolate cake, too?

Bianca said...

Congrats to dad! And I'll have a cocktail too, please...

Anonymous said...

Again, you always have the best drink posts! Hope your dad can relax and enjoy!

Meg Wolff said...

Congrats to your Dad. Sunshine Farm and Honeymoon Cottage sounds nice. And blueberry sunshine looks like a great drink!

Marisa L. S. said...

Hope your dad enjoys retirement! That drink looks perfect for a hot summer day...or any day for that matter! BTW I nominated you for a blogging award. Check out my blog for the details!

Lovlie said...

Hmm that cake looks so yummy and fudgy! I've nominated your blog for the Brillante Weblog Award. Find details on my blog. :)