Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 spots for hummus in Portland, ME

Whenever I need a quick and inexpensive meal, I seek out a hummus sandwich. These puppies vary widely, depending on the quality of the hummus, the type of bread and the choice of toppings. Most often, I go for a whole wheat roll up. I tend to pair it with the standard toppings of the famous Maine Italian: pickles (without pickles, why bother?), olives, onions, green pepper, tomato, salt and pepper. Sometimes I add in lettuce too.

My absolute, all time favorite hummus remains the one from the Bagel Cafe in Camden. I've yet to find its thick, veggie filled match in Portland. But I keep looking. In the meantime, here are five solid choices for hummus fans:

Market Street Eats, 30 Market St.
Go for the Avo Cucumber (with pickles, of course).

Vaughn Street Variety, 235 Vaughn St.
They have a hummus wrap on the menu with sprouts and stuff, but I always go Italian style.

The Works Bakery & Cafe, 15 Temple St.
Go for the organic, whole grain bagel. They make their hummus in-house.

Back Cove Deli
, 89 Ocean Ave.
They have yummy Greek olives.

West End Grocer, 133 Spring St.
Again, I modify to fit my pickle/olive needs.

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