Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blueberry blues

We ate these exquisite locally-grown blueberries all winter. I found them at the Whole Foods down the street. Grown in Washington County, Moon Hill Farm Organic Blueberries are the most heavenly berry I've ever bought from a freezer case. Juicy little packets bursting with the sugary tart taste of summer in Maine.

But then one day they were gone. Sold out for the season.

Which I guess isn't surprising considering the quantity I was buying them in. I add a cup to the steel cut oats I make each morning. And they're always a welcome addition to desserts, smoothies and pancakes.

Good thing July and blueberry season is right around the corner. Then I'll be able to pluck them straight from the low-bush blueberry patch at Sunshine Farm. Until then I have fond memories of Moon Hill to help me ward off the frozen blueberry blues.


Anonymous said...

I hear you... our blueberry season isn't till August, and we're out of the ones we froze, too. BUT.... strawberries will be ready in ten days! I'm counting down!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I HATE when foods I absolutely love get discontinued or disappear for no reason :o(

And it happens so often!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for blueberry season here (aug./sept), right now I am up to my elbows in strawberry & apricot jam...apricot pancakes? Why not!

Anonymous said...

I also recommend the blueberries from Stone Set Farm in Brooklin Maine- you can find them frozen through Crown of Maine and the Food Now Buying Club in Portland.

And if you're ever up in Blue Hill, there's a spot- i think called "allen's" that sells big 10# boxes of (non-organic) frozen blueberries. yumm. 10 pounds lasts a while . . . you need a big freezer though.