Saturday, June 14, 2008

Strawberry days

Is there anything as delicious as a freshly picked strawberry? If there is, I can't recall it right now because my head is swimming with the utter swoon inducing taste of the first-of-the-season Maine strawberry.Yup, we just came back from the farmers' market, where we picked up one of the last pints of strawberries. The only reason we managed to get some was because instead of our typical Saturday morning routine of me laying around in bed until 9 am, then getting up to take a shower, get ready (leisurely, as my husband would say) and finally make breakfast before heading off to the market (which means we don't get there until about 11:30) we rolled out of bed and headed straight for the market.
We picked up a bunch of things, other than the to-die-for berries. Among our purchases: sugar snap peas (another first for the season), cilantro (which Daniel Price from Freedom Farm tells me helps rid the body of heavy metals), bok choi, red lettuce, fresh dill, blueberry raspberry jam and micro greens.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

"Is there anything as delicious as a freshly-picked strawberry?"


(Well, except maybe a chocolate-covered one!)

Bianca said...

This makes me a little sad. Strawberry season is already over here. But thankfully, I bought plenty at the market while we had them...and I froze some and made some jam...but frozen just doesn't beat fresh.

P.S. I had the same problem with getting to the market late after my "leisurely" morning routine. I've started going first thing when I wake up on Saturdays makeup or anything...but it's worth it to get fresh produce.

Anonymous said...

Excellent market scores! I just love strawberries, as does my little one, who was just begging me to buy them during the winter months (I refused) and who is thrilled that we can buy them again!