Saturday, May 24, 2008

And the winners are

Buying from locally-owned businesses is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to live in a greener world. Not only do these businesses cut down on sprawl and keep more of a community's money in that community, they also tend to be more environmentally conscious. My guess is these greener business ways reflect the fact that the owners have deep ties to a particular area and don't have the cut-and-run mentality of most big box retailers and corporations from away. Locally owned businesses don't want poison the place where they live.

With all this in mind I was thrilled to be at Portland's first-ever Indie Biz Awards on Thursday night. More than 150 business owners and community members turned out for this rockin' party. Amazing blues man Samuel James warmed up the crowd.

Local restaurants donated wonderful food for the party. This included vegan dolmas from Silly's and falafel from Spartan Grill. Other donors included: Maple's Gelateria (the home of my sorbetto obsessions), Old Port Candy Co., Portland Fruit and Nut Company and Local Sprouts Cooperative Catering (check out this coming Thursday's Switch Magazine for more details on the cool things they're up to).

And here is the list of winners:
Portland Soul: Videoport
Local Legend: North Star Cafe
Forest City Hero: Washboard Eco-Laundry
Rising Tide Award: North Star Cafe
Beacon of My Neighborhood

  • West End: Coffee By Design
  • East End: Silly’s
  • Downtown: SPACE Gallery
  • Rosemont and North Deering: Rosemont Market
  • Bayside: Portland Time Bank
  • Forest Avenue & Woodford’s Corner: Big Sky Bakery
The Resurgam Community Impact Ward: Coffee By Design
Pillar of the Community: Micucci's


Anonymous said...

Wow! Portland sounds like a great place to be Vegan!

MeloMeals said...

yay for local foods!

.. and wow... you are near me! I'm in Portsmouth, NH

Anonymous said...

Thanks Avery for all of your help pulling this event together!!