Sunday, May 25, 2008

Homemade crack corn

Here in Portland, I'm not the only one who's addicted to the popcorn from Little Lad's Bakery. This all vegan restaurant (with locations in Portland and NYC) sells its popcorn at Whole Foods, greatly increasing it's popcorn market share. Because the popcorn is so addictive, many of us affectionately call it crack corn. If you want to try this to-die for popcorn, but don't have a Little Lads or a Whole Foods nearby, no worries. You can still enjoy it by making it yourself (or at least get damn close). Here's how:

Ultimate Popcorn

1/4 cup organic popcorn kernels
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Organic dried dill
Organic coarse ground pepper
Nutritional yeast (this is the secret crack corn ingredient)
Maine Sea Salt Company garlic salt

In a popcorn popper or covered pan add olive oil and then corn. Heat popper stirring (or shaking) rapidly until all kernels have popped. Drizzle more olive oil over kernels. Then add seasonings. If you don't have garlic salt, just use regular salt and garlic powder.

Note: This is my favorite seasoning combo, but the possibilities are endless. Raid you spice rack and see what you come up with.

Note #2: If you don't have a hand-cranked popcorn popper, go out right now and buy one. My friend Lucy gave me this one from L.L. Bean as a wedding gift. I absolutely love it! It's right up there with my Wusthof knives when it comes to my most frequently used kitchen tools.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so good! I actually just made popcorn for the first time in my life about two weeks ago (and my life began in the late 70s!). I can't wait to try this.

Jen said...

The best stuff EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Your friend Lucy is way cool...