Monday, May 19, 2008

Art of writing

If you're wondering how to get local art writers to pay attention to your creative efforts, then come out to SPACE Gallery tomorrow night. I'll be there at 7 pm along with Bob Keyes, from the Portland Press Herald, and Ken Greenleaf, from the Portland Phoenix, for a Creative Conversation sponsored by the Portland Arts and Cultural Alliance. With Jessica Tomlinson from the Maine College of Art keeping us on track, we'll dish about how we figure out what to cover and give tips on how to get your work into print. (Here's a tip: I respond well when people send me pinot gris, Maple's dark chocolate sorbetto and original works by Jamie Wyeth. Preferably all three. Okay, I'm totally kidding. Sadly enough if you were to send me any of those yummy items I'd be forced by journalistic ethics to send them back. Although the Wyeth would make me think long and hard about whether I should keep the painting and quit my day job ...) But seriously, we'll give you the real scoop tomorrow night. Bring your questions.

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elliott said...

thanks for posting this (I did not notice it on the SPACE schedule), and for participating. I thought it was a good discussion overall.