Friday, May 23, 2008

As Oprah goes ...

Yup, it's official. Veganism has hit the mainstream. As part of her quest to become more spiritually connected, cultural leader Oprah Winfrey is embarking on a 21-day vegan diet (which also steers clear of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and gluten). On her blog, she writes: "I never imagined meatless meals could be so satisfying."

If Oprah's feeling the vegan love, it's bound to start sweeping the nation. (Quick buy stock in tofu!)

With this tidbit in the news, what are the chances that we'll be able to score a table at Green Elephant tonight? I'm calling right now!

UPDATE: Just called Green Elephant. It's only 6:15 pm and they're already full. (And they have a waiting list.) They don't take reservations. Looks like Portland needs some more vegan joints ...

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