Sunday, May 4, 2008

Granny's is back (don't let the sign fool you)

We finally checked out the new home of Granny's Burritos last night. This Portland veg-friendly institution hopped from the Old Port to the West End after a brief hiatus (causing much heartache around town). The food was just as yummy as we remembered, and they continue to have daily vegan specials. They no longer do counter service for take-out, but the interior decor is much improved (a mix of Uncle Billy's and Granny's throw backs)

The new location is at 653 Congress St. (The old Uncle Billy's Rest-O-Bar spot.) A sign must be on its way, but right now it reads Neon Diner. Don't let it lead you astray.


Jen said...

Oh my goodness, Granny's is back!!
I must get down to Portland ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I was really, really excited to check them out upon their return. A friend - another Granny's fan - and I stopped in a couple of weeks ago. The server was surly and relatively unresponsive and the food was not nearly as good as I remember it. My friend suggested that maybe the overall experience was related to the location. I laughed. We had gone to Billy's a handful of times beforehand, the first couple of which were great only to be repulsed by the atmosphere, service, and some of the food during the latter. Before that, we had gone to Nile and had another hilariously negative encounter. Maybe it is the location. I'll give it another try just to make sure.