Sunday, April 13, 2008

Common sense trumps big biz

At least in Montville, ME. 

Today's Maine Sunday Telegram has an interesting story about this Central Maine town's recently passed ban on genetically modified crops. It's the first of its kind in the US (outside of California). As anyone with half a brain knows, these frankenfood crops are a financial windfall to chemical companies who cook up seeds with such nifty traits as embedded pesticides and the inability to produce seeds that a farmer can plant the following year. Farmers still stuck in old paradigms of monoculture and chemically-intensive agriculture may fall prey to these companies' slick marketing messages of science overruling nature. But thankfully here in Maine, most farmers are smarter than that.

As the story says: "Rather than compete with farm states in commodity crops that are dependent on genetic modification, why not capitalize on consumer demand and premium prices for organically-raised produce and animals? Rather than hurting the economy (organic gardener Kai) George said, sustainable agriculture could generate new revenue."

All the while protecting Maine's claim to setting the standard for "the way life should be."

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