Saturday, April 19, 2008

TLTs for lunch quickie

Here's a favorite quickie recipe that feeds my current tempeh obsession. Use Fakin' Bacon or saute up your own smoky seasoned tempeh (the April issue of Vegetarian Times has an awesome recipe). I didn't have a good, locally-grown onion today. But when I do, I definitely add it. We washed them down with the divine amber of Allagash White.

Tempeh, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwiches

8 oz. tempeh bacon
1 ripe, locally-grown tomato, sliced
2 cups arugula, washed and dried
4 slices locally-baked whole grain bread
2 tsp. mustard
2 tsp. Maine maple syrup
olive oil
salt & pepper, to taste

Heat a cast iron skillet and pour in a tsp. or 2 of olive oil. Cut tempeh strips in half and add them to the skillet. Cook until crisp and browned on each side. Meanwhile, toast the bread. Spread mustard and maple syrup on each half. Add the tempeh strips to one side. Place the tomato slices on the other side, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Add arugula. Slice and serve. Makes 2.

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Celine said...

I had about the same thing for lunch and my stomach's growling for more. damn you, tempeh bacon...