Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New camera and Pom's for dinner

It's so awesome to live in downtown Portland.

Case in point: My camera broke over the weekend. (Obviously not awesome.) But yesterday my husband and I headed a couple blocks up Congress Street to Fotoshops to get a new one. The customer service was amazing.

The guy who helped us select our new point-and-shoot even programmed the time and date stamp and then set up the memory card. He stressed that the camera had a year warranty and that we should come back to the shop should anything go wrong. We were both super impressed.

Since we were in the neighborhood, it only made sense to stop at Pom's Thai Taste & Noodle House for dinner. (Twist my arm, why don't you.)

While I'm not a fan of fake meat, those of you who are will be happy to know Pom's is now offering soy chicken and other meat substitutes.

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