Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do you take bacon with your veganism?

Helena Echlin has a fabulous piece on about the dos and don'ts of dinner parties for folks with unique dietary styles. Such as vegetarians who eat bacon. This of course caused a general freak out in the posts below about who's "allowed" to call themselves a vegetarian and who's not.

I say if you steer clear of all meat except smoked pig, more power to you. Just think of all the cow poop you kept out of the waterways. I call that awesome! You go baconarians!

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Oliver said...

I'm always amazed by all the new terms - which basicially in my understanding makes eating slaughtered animals acceptable and thus profitable. Basically my historical understanding is -

Vegetarian - doesn't eat meat (that includes bacon!!). May or may not eat fish. Probably eats/drinks diary. Probably wears leather/wool. Somewhat interested in AR/AW, but more likely to be interested in health/self centered issues.

Vegan - doesn't eat/drink - meat, fish, diary. Doesn't wear wool/leather etc and tries to eliminate animal products as they become
more aware. Interested/active in AR/AW as a moral and right thing to do.

So to a vegetarian eating bacon - they really aren't vegetarian even in the US where calling yourself one thing and doing the exact opposite is common (compassionate conservative a la Bush) and if they can't give up bacon for taste reasons, they are pretty weak-willed and really dilute people who don't eat meat for the right reasons. A fashion statement no less.