Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eat your way to a greener earth

In light of today’s big holiday, here are 3 tips for eating with the earth in mind:

1. Eat local foods
Support farmers’ markets, buy locally-grown in grocery stores and grow some of your own food. Locally grown food is fresher, more nutritious, supports the regional economy and travels fewer miles.

2. Eat organic
Plants, animals and humans are part of a complex web stretching from the soil to the sky. When this web is assaulted by things like pesticides and chemical fertilizers, everything in the system gets sick.

3. Eat more plants
Meat, dairy and eggs are luxury items made cheap by artificial price supports, government subsidies, lax regulations and deplorable farm conditions. We pay the full cost with obesity, heart disease, world hunger, water pollution and climate change. Eat more plants and you’ll be giving the earth (and your wallet) a break.


Celine said...

that picture is just beyond words...happy belated Earth day to you!

Anonymous said...

I feel a particular connection to Earth Day, as my birthday also falls on the 22nd.

Regarding Earth Day and vegetarianism, I very much enjoy this post that my friend Josh (a fellow vegetarian) wrote about Al Gore, meat, and global warming: