Monday, April 21, 2008

Grow food for prosperity

Today's Portland Press Herald has two stories that deal with the rising cost of food. In one, grocery and convenience stores talk about selling cheap cow's milk. As someone who grew up around my grandfather's conventional dairy farm here in Maine, I can tell you that cheap milk is an ultra gross idea. If you must drink cow's milk, definitely go for the most local, organic, raw milk you can find. And visit the farm to see what the conditions are like. Otherwise you're just shelling out good money for pasteurized cow pus.

In the other story, Fedco Co-Op Garden Supplies in Waterville reports being sold out of 100 of its 900 seed varieties. The last time they saw such heightened demand for home grown veggies was during the Y2K scare. For folks looking to save cash and preserve their health, this is obviously the smarter place to invest when compared to cheap cow juice.

For added inspiration, the photo shows a container garden where I grew things like tomatoes, Swiss chard and green beans when I lived in Chapel Hill, NC. So even when space is limited, I say grow a few veggies and save your money for more important things. Like dark chocolate sorbetto ...

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